So you think your a lesbian or at least bi huh? Join the club!

So if you are reading this you have been doing some soul searching, or someone you know has and the truth of the matter is, the word “Lesbian” or “bi” keeps showing up in your head. It’s ok. I know, cause I’m there too. I’m still in the midst of it all, still married, still have a house in the burbs playing nice nice with the husband. I understand what your going through. Your guts are being twisted in knots, your mind is racing, you keep trying to figure out the enormity of this thing, cause it’s BIG. Two worlds, the sweet seduction of one you might of had a glimpse into at some point (or not at all) and the other, your Stepford life of dish washing, family get togethers and tracking clean underwear for your husband. Nary the two shall meet?
So we exist in this conundrum, wondering what the possibilities are. Do we stay, suck it up and pretend to be happy till we implode? Do we find some happy medium?  Do we out ourselves and brace for impact? Do we get a girlfriend and try to figure this shit out? Do we run without saying a word? Nothing is off the table at this point. Don’t worry. I know. I’m there too. My palms sweat at the thought of all this. Just typing it makes my heart flutter.
So I’m here to keep it real. To give you options, to troll the web for resources so that we can find our own truths together. I will add blogs, webpages, stories about what it is like both in the here and now, and after the proverbial shit hits the fan. Life is good for most, and it gets better for us too. The more honest I have become in finding my own truth the easier it has been to keep stepping forward out of that closet. I hope to help you find your own truth too. Please let me know that you are out there and I’ll keep writing for you.


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  1. Thank you. I will definitely be keeping a watch on this blog. 🙂

  2. I’m “out” here still finding my truth as well. Happy thoughts to you for a smooth journey.

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