Clues of your impending lesbianism…

This is a fun list…just write a few things on clues that should have told you that um…hey…you might really like girls…

As a teenager I was so uncomfortable in the girls locker room that I hid in the showers to change so I wouldn’t be caught staring at the other girls.
I took my husband to a gay bar and told him “these are my people, if you cannot accept them, you cannot accept me.” (Really, I was that ignorant to my own brain! WTF?)
I always wanted to kiss a girl and was jealous of the girls that did.
I had no problem getting off on lesbian/threesome porn, but had little interest in straight porn.
I used to steal my dad’s playboy magazines
I had a crush on Mallorie from Family Ties….
First REAL boyfriend in high school came out soon after we dated.
Didn’t find the appeal to have sex immediately as most teenagers did, but I was horny as hell…
Went to a female strip club couldn’t even pretend not to be turned on
I was always more shy around women than men
I would check out chicks WITH my H, he always thought that was cool…lol
I never watched Baywatch for the dudes or the story line
Loved Rainbow Bright….need I say more?

okay, now your turn…. Please add your own in the comments if you feel the urge!


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  1. Ha I love this list! Cute, funny and true, for so many of us. Also I feel like objectively speaking rainbow bright is just awesome. I am so glad they haven’t tried to remake her!

    My name is Rischa I’m a lesbian, doing research with our community.

    I am passionate about research because professionals use studies like this one to make decisions about our health care.

    I was hoping that you would want to get involved, especially by spreading the word on FB, Blogs, (real friends) Etc.

    For this study, we are looking for women (trans-community included) 18 years of age or older, who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning (LBQ). The purpose of this study is to learn about gender presentation and substance use in LBQ women.

    This study had been approved by the St. John’s University IRB. Thank you for your time.

  2. -Felt nothing during my first kiss, just wet lips.
    -Dreams and dreams about girls
    Sigh, lots of things should have clued me in.

    Hey, thanks for this blog. I was getting the feeling like I was the only one, but knowing that there had to be others who were somehow too sheltered to let it occur to them until way after age 17.

    • Yup, my first kiss was actually to a French guy who made the first move. I liked to kiss, but not him so much. My second kiss was with my first “real” boyfriend but we did nothing after our first kiss. He came out of the closet his junior year in high school. U should have followed suit.

  3. Ha my “first boyfriend” in 6th grade later came out as a gay man too. Another big clue was playing on the high school softball team. Should have been a hint.

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