Do you ever wonder?

I was on the phone with a lady the other day. She was the coach of some high school sports team and a veterinarian. Her voice and demeanor made me assume she’s a card carrying member of the “L” club. We went on, talking about what she needed from our company and then mentioned something about her husband. I was dumbfounded. So the question I pose is this, “Do you assume that someone like that is actually gay and covering it up with a hetero lifestyle, or can truly masculine women (and effeminate men) still be straight?” Now before you accuse me of stereotyping, I have a few stories to back up my assumptions about this woman, including my own. I am definitely bi, if not a lesbian, yet a I assume a very hetero life and few are the wiser to the inner-workings of my sexuality. My Aunt was mistaken for a man more than once, yet she never came out of the closet. She was definitely a lesbian and had girlfriends but it was taboo too even approach the subject. A good friend of mine told me his aunt was considered a “spinster,” which was code for lesbian, but again she was never directly addressed as that. I know of many more people who fit the bill. A couple I used to work for seemed to exude homosexual

While actress Mariska Hargitay is married, her tough character on Law and Order exudes a lesbian-like quality.

tendencies. He spoke with a lisp, owned a flower shop and went on about cute men and threw in women to make it look like he was talking about people in general. I knew that game, cause I played it myself. It’s called “covering your queer ass.” His wife seemed very asexual. A good cover. They had an adopted kid. Need I say more?

While not all masculine women are lesbians and effeminate men are gay, it seems that these traits are there for a reason. I know that straight hard ass women all get a little bent when being accused of being a lesbian because of their manly ways, but hey at least they get to marry their man and prove em wrong.  I just wish it wasn’t such a big deal to be out and show who you really are with pride, instead of sitting in our little closets, hoping to catch a glimpse of the rainbow.


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  1. I do tend to assume a lot like that. But lately (after bing shocked by how some people have come out and as what) I keep trying to catch myself. My partner and I try to help catch each other. We want to be allies and supportive even just between the two of us. One of us is bi while the other is straight so we know what it’s like to be guessed wrong when it comes to our sexuality.

  2. By the way, you should add the Google plus share option for your blog. I’d definitely use it. 🙂

  3. Ok, so how do you do add the Google plus share option? I’d like to try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Got to your dashboard, then settings, subheading sharing and there is an option of the sharing button. Add and arrange the ones you want to offer on your blog.

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