The beauty of real women in art

So I know I write alot and complain about my life, but I do want to impress upon you how much I love the beauty and wonder of life, and of women in particular. Here is some amazing artwork that just shows real women, not overdone, over processed and objectified. I LOVE artwork that depicts women as they are in true life. We do not need to see another flawless beauty, we need to see freckles and scars, small, medium AND curvy, dark skin to the palest ivory, all smiles to all tears. We are women and need to celebrate our diversity. If we were all the same, how boring would this world be?

So here is some artwork that says something to me in some softly profound way. They show the beauty in women who have their own uniqueness that makes them way more real than any airbrushed model ever would. This is artwork that is tangible in it’s imperfections, because that is what defines us who we all are. No one wants to sit next to perfection. Fortunately, perfection really doesn’t exist. Ok, maybe in photoshop, but that’s about it.

She is just adorable yet I don’t know who illustrated this, so if you know, please pass the info along so I can give proper credit to the artist. Thanks!


Artwork by Carla Nickerson


Watercolor artist Miriam Schulman on Etsy.


Profoundly realistic people Illustrated by Dirk Dzimirsky


I found this The artist Rising website. I couldn’t find the artist’s main website. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Artist: Meme Artistic Soul


Illustration by Heikki Leis


Here is a ceramic replica I found on etsy of  venus-of-willendorf. You can find it in the EarthenMe  Etsy shop.


I found this on a blog. It says this is actually a pencil drawing! Such detail and realism with the point of view. I don’t know who illustrated this, so if you know, please pass the info along so I can give proper credit to the artist. Thanks!


Here is an amazing ipad docking station.The Venus of Cupertino is the artist’s modern take on this ancient fertility symbol. I am just in love with it!

You can buy this on the artists website


The angst in this artwork is amazing. I have see this before yet I cannot find the original artists name.


Traci Lynn Matlock, photographer and blogger. I love her depth and sincerity in her photographs and blog. She’s very raw. Check her blog out at the

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  1. Very nice collection. I agree, real women are art.

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