It get’s better

It definitely does get better. I hated high school and I was just a bizarre funky kid who didn’t care what people thought and for that I was constantly criticized. Once I got to college, life became much better. I didn’t have to put up with nearly as many idiots. It does get better, believe it.

“The bullies seem like powerful people and like successful people. The secret of the real world is that they are at the peak of their power at 15…16… and there will come a time when the bullies are NOT successful and the people they bullied are…and you just have to out-survive them.”

I know that this may be directed at teenagers struggling through high school, but the message is just the same as you get older. It does get better. When shit is hitting the fan, wait, life will get better. Everyone has to deal with deaths in the family, abuse, alcoholism, addiction, self worth, and the list goes on. The point is, if  you stick around long enough, you will see, it does get better. Life isn’t always gonna be grand, but it’s not always gonna be hard either. It gets better. You will see.


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