One Million Against Amendment One

There is an epidemic in our country. It is spreading through hate spouting church groups and antagonists alike. It is fear. People are so afraid that somehow if a gay couple marries it means the end of the world is nigh. That all procreation will cease, all boys will be limp wristed and all girls will no longer want to stay home and wait on their men. The world will be turned upside down as churches will be flooded with I dare say “lovers” searching to be united in matrimony. Oh the humanity!

I learned that amendment 1 had passed and my heart sank. It sank for those who already were fighting a battle to keep a bearing in their domestic relationship for whatever reason, but also for the symbolic loss of the gay community. I am not going to spout my own reasons why I think gay marriage should be legal, because there are already so many bloggers  out there stating much better cases than I ever could. I will however vent my frustrations out because this is my blog and that’s how I roll.

What I don’t understand is the rush to judgement on behalf of God, Jesus, Mohammed, or who ever else you believe in. I get it. The religions preach on these matters, but what if it’s not my religion? (Which it isn’t, none are.) Why would it be your right to push them on me? What I do know, is that I am not here to judge others. That is not my job. It is to love others. Accept them, flaws and all. I can have an opinion, but that is for self preservation. Assessment makes us human and keeps us out of danger. I do not expect anyone to inherit my views. I only want the law to protect me from others, not from myself.

These people who were pro-Amendment 1 were not being forced to marry the same sex, asked to pay for those marriages and in some cases they may have even unknowingly benefited from the law. Their motive was strictly based on their opinions and ignorance. It wasn’t for safety. It wasn’t to curb costs and save taxpayers money. It wasn’t to avoid some catastrophic thing. It was to stop people from doing something that shows love and commitment. How far away from the church is that?

What people don’t understand is the human cost to their ignorance. They make decisions that have absolutely no affect on their own lives, yet completely disrupt or detract from the lives of others in an attempt to assert their own views. The story of Tom Bridegroom reflects the cost the LGBTQ community pays for this rampant ignorance. Not only in life do people suffer from the lack of spousal benefits and rights but also in death it becomes even more apparent.

Petition Amendment 1 and get the Supreme Court to see the light.
Read other petitioners reasons why they are signing. Fight back!

1 Million Against Amendment 1

Because equality cannot be given – it must be earned. Numerous laws have been overthrown, and the sense of community that was created in overturning those unfair laws was profound (enough to start countries and expand nations). Our only hope is that repealing Amendment 1 will be the first stepping stone on the path to a new era in the US, much in the same way that the Jim Crow laws being overturned paved the way for Martin Luther King and Barack Obama.


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  1. I am deeply saddened by the passing of this amendment as well. And already signed the petition. Hopefully though, this may make you smile.

  2. People should be able to love who they want to love, live how they want to live. This is YOUR life, no one else’s. Who is someone else to tell you or anyone else how to live? It just blows my mind. Maybe that’s why I dislike majority of the human population. All the violence, close minded, ignorance and cruelty in the world. Off topic but I’m a witch and told countless times I’m welcoming the devil into my home for being such. Worshiping nature isn’t inviting the devil into my home. One because in my belief the devil doesn’t exist.
    Anyway, I tried posting that link to the youtube about the couple. I can’t figure out how to do so without just doing the link and not the picture and link. I’m new at this. help!? That documentary broke my heart. I was at work when I watched it and cried at my desk. My heart when to them.
    Have a magical day. Don’t change or let anyone else try to change you.

  3. “It was to stop people from doing something that shows love and commitment. How far away from the church is that?”

    I don’t care what anyone says – it is not at all Christian OR moral and every bit evil and poor form using God as an excuse for afflicting, promoting and maintaining so much pain and suffering in so many people.
    It’s unjustifiable.

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