Really, an award for me?

So I must admit, I have a literary crush on Angryricky. He verbalizes his thoughts so eloquently it makes me wanna tear up. I on the other hand, stumble at words like a hot and bothered teenager trying to mess around for the first time. The idea is there, and you get the

point, but it’s messy and somewhat spastic. My thoughts are a tangled mess that I attempt to unravel in words, not to mention my horrific grammar. I appreciate that he gave me the Versatile Blogger Award in spite of his better judgment. (I promise to watch my grammar as much as I’m capable before I hit that publish button, but please forgive my inadequacies. My English teachers had no compunction to assert their grammatical skills nor did I have the aptitude to care at the time.) I also promise to take more care in my writing before I dole it out for public consumption and hope that it doesn’t offend any Grammar Nazi’s. I tend to be lazy in my blogs because I suspect that no one is really reading my dribble, but I guess you are, so I’ll try to up the ante.

The reason I’m writing is because said Grammar Nazi Angryricky gave me the Versatile Blogger award. Thank You Kyle Ricky… I feel honored that you actually read my blog.

I think this a fantastic ploy by WordPress to link us all up and I will bite because, who’s ego can say no to an award? I certainly can’t. If I had more, I’d gather them all in my arms like Octomom and coo right back.

I think I might start making some of my own awards to give to my fellow bloggers. Here a few titles I’m trying out:

  • Blog Most likely to get someone in trouble
  • The most ego driven blog
  • Crap I’d never make blog

What do you think? I think you could come up with even better ones. My brain is not working right now…

Here I’m supposed to mention 7 random things about myself.

1. I am working on a painting that all but screams “I am gay” right in front of my husband. I wonder what he thinks of it. He rarely comments on my artwork, his nose is so deeply buried in his nook.

2. I HATE Texas. I loathe it. Austin is the only reprieve in this otherwise sorry, culture-less void. I will concede there are pockets of wonderful people and amazing artists here, but it is not a place that truly promotes the arts. I never lived in a place that struggled so hard to maintain the good ol’ boy mentality.

3. I’m always late. I have no internal clock. I am embarrassed at my lack of punctuality but I’ve come to terms with my inability to show up at the appropriate time. I’ll change the time I’m supposed to be somewhere to trick myself to arrive “earlier.” This approach has been working. Stupid huh?

4. I grow my own veggies and herbs.

5. I have no idea when I’ll get the nerve to sit my husband down and spill it. I look over at him and it gets harder everyday to look at him and not scream the words in my head “I am a lesbian! I love you but I want to go!”

6. I once was almost carjacked by a kid who was high on something. He got in my car while I was at a payphone (remember those?) He turned it over while it was still running. I went to the car and pulled him out. He punched me in the face, but I got my car.

7. I smell smoke at the most bizarre times where no one smokes, like my home or in my car.  I thought I was crazy or channeling my dead grandfather, but I looked it up and apparently there are people who experience this frequently. It has something to do with the brain and sinus infections, I never did much about it. Here’s a forum on it so you don’t think I’m crazy.

Here are some of my favorite bloggers. Angry Ricky of course, but I don’t think you can give give-backs. I love the Pink Agendist for his fun take on the world and his great skill at finding some excellent goodies on the net.He got me hooked on Angry Ricky.  I like to read Withering Tulip. It’s like reading my little sisters thoughts when she was growing up. My Body the City: The Secret Life of a Callgirl is a great yet sad self described blog. I didn’t know alot about the industry but it has changed my mind about a few things. The Color of Lila is a well written blog about many topics, with a humanitarian theme running throughout. That is one smart woman! The magnificent something was my first follower and that just made my day! Plus his photos are great little pieces of art.  I get inspired by the quotes and purposely written words of 400daystil40, a woman who is counting down till her 40th birthday with inspiring thoughts for each day. I like to live vicariously through Rachels Emancipation Blog. She did what I need to do and is now living a true lesbian life. O-blog-dee-o-blog-da is a great source on current events about gay rights. Peacelovefree is inspiring and my feel good place to go when I need a quick lift. THat’s about all I can think of for now. I have only been blogging for about 3 months now, so please forgive the brevity of my list. I hope you get a chance to check a few of them out.

Ok so the rules for getting an award is this…

  • Add the award to your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.
  • Mention 7 random things about yourself.
  • List the rules.
  • Give the award to 15 or more bloggers

Here’s a gift to you AngryRicky… I thought it was funny and thought you would appreciate the humor in it even as snarky as it is. Please take it only in the slam style in which is was written, not as a slight on you. I adore you and your blog.

Is you a Grammar Nazi? 


Add yours →

  1. Thanks for the love, dude. I just got back from a weekend with my family, who joyfully embrace all the Southern stereotypes as regards language use. When I’m with them, I say things like “Where’s that at?” and “Y’all doin’ good?” in an effort to sound like I belong to them. It’s a relief to be back home, where I can be as rebelliously grammatical as I choose.

    The longer you wait, the harder it gets….:)

  2. OH hush yo mouth! I know. I know.
    I had a dream that he wanted a divorce and I was relieved. I woke up to a mothers day card and a gift. UGH. I feel like a loser.

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