How to tell someone you are gay- Mad lib style

Who doesn’t like mad libs? The dumber and more swears the better. So I’ve made my own “Bad Lib” where it’s making coming out of the closet as easy as filling out some mundane form! Just read it aloud and you are magically out of the closet! It helps if you have a sophomoric sense of humor too.

Hey (Person’s name,)

Ummm, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you but I didn’t know how until now. I’ve been feeling kinda (  Adverb  ) lately and need to get this off my (  body part  .)  I like (   pick a gender, or not  )s. They are so (  adjective  ) and (  adjective  ) and I love the (  one of the 5 senses  ) of them. Would you like to go grab something to (  verb  ) and ( verb ) some more about this? I’ve always wanted to (  verb  ) you but I never had a chance to (  verb   ) you before now.

I know this is a (  adjective  ) time for us but I ( verb ) you and need your (noun  ) more than ever. Please let me be the one to
( verb )

With lot’s of (emotion),

(  Your Name   )

I knew you needed this! You’re welcome!

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