Seeing God through a stray dog

Just my thoughts…
I’m not a strong believer in God but if there is one, I do believe we are judged by how much we love and how well we love. We are judged by the hands that reach out to ask us for help and how we respond. Love is like an abundance of water that pours from one cup to another and our jobs here on Earth is to keep on filling up all who surround us. In kharmatic fashion, we get refilled time and time again.
It is with great regret that there are so many out there who take and forget to give. Forget the purpose of life. It is definitely okay to take but soon your cup overflows in excess and it spills and is lost. It is the ebb and flow of this beautiful dance that keeps us alive. The chi.
So the next time you see a hand reaching out to you, in the form of a lost dog or a crying friend, it is not just their heart you are helping,you are in essence lifting your own spirit higher. You never know if that stray dog is more than just a dog, but an eye through which God can see your true character.

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