The burden within

I feel my will slipping away
life can be a blessing and a curse in the same breath
I feel coldness overwhelm me
Where is my soul?
Where has it wandered to?
Where is my love or taste or the brilliant colors that used to gleem so?
Everything goes from bitter to bland
My heart is cemented from his out pouring of love
It drowns in expectations
It hardens in guilt
Who’s slave am I?
Who’s heart do I hold closest? My own or his?
His eyes plead to bury me in his love
I stare blankly from underneath it
Fly! He screams! FLY!
I try
I cannot lift myself from the weight of the world
I cannot fly from here

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  1. “Whose heart to I hold closest?”
    That line slapped me in the face.

    I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time since you returned to TX. I’m thinking about you!

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