I love it when a big business like this takes a stand that is so important an open minded. I will certainly be buying more of thier products!

Rachel's Emancipation's Blog

Dear rachel,

The folks over at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) haven’t had their Wheaties today, and they’re taking it out on General Mills.They’ve launched a Dump General Millscampaign decrying the company’s “radical social agenda.”

What’s so radical? General Mills is standing up for fairness by fighting a constitutional ban on marriage equality on the ballot in Minnesota.

rachel, the company is now in NOM’s crosshairs because of its pro-equality stance, and it’s up to us to rally for them.

I’m betting we can get five times as many signatures as NOM has on their petition in under 24 hours – that’s 70,000 total.

Ready? Drown out NOM by signing the thank-you letter to General Mills. You’ll remind them and all companies that Americans don’t just love a hearty breakfast – they love their equality.

General Mills has been a leader in extending fair employment policies to…

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