Just for fun…

A very unscientific poll… for the sake of curiosity. Don’t worry, I cannot find out who you are. I really have a hard enough time figuring out who the heck I am…

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  1. And the million dollar question, Honey, where would you put yourself on this scale?

  2. All my close friends know, my husband knows that I like girls, but not exactly to what extent (well, neither do I really.) I know that If white were straight and black were gay, I’d be a dark grey, I’m guessing, but I dunno. I feel like I’ve lost my sexuality along the way. I’m afraid to feel sexy because it might attract him more or too much. Make sense. I don’t want that much attention.
    Oh, I’m sorry, this neither a short answer or a very precise one. My family still doesn’t know, even my sister. I have a fear she might use it when she’s drunk as some kind of proof that I actually am imperfect. (I wish someone would let her in on the fact that no one is, especially me.) But I digress once again.
    Come on up Single, let’s see where you’d put me on the scale?

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