My typical day

Get woken up by a boob grab
Say goodbye to husband
Go back to sleep
Half dozen snooze button pushes later, I get up
Brush teeth, maybe hair
Wake kids
Get clothes
Drag eldest out of bed
Cajole to clothe them
Feed the animals
Brush thier hair
Find thier shoes
Feed the dogs and cats
Find purse
Return contents back into purse
Wash makeup off youngest child
Start car
Make coffee to go
Load kids into car
Drive to daycare
forgot coffee on counter
Answer endless questions
Drop kids off
Relish the quiet ride to work
Eat while working
Stop at store to pick up groceries
Call friends on way home
Loud greeting from kids
Prepare dinner
Wash forks and plates
Clean table
Feed kids
husband is Reading
Do dishes, maybe
Fill tub with water and toys
Convince kids to bathe themselves
10 minute email check
Facebook on phone
Wash thier hair
Get towels
Answer phone, no thanks I don’t want to subscribe
Find jammies
“no, I don’t want that one, I want this one”
Feed pets
Wash pans
Read books sing songs tuck in time
Daddy gets up to say goodnight
Kisses hugs
Put youngest back in bed
Pause tv, tell oldest to go back to bed
Recline and close eyes
“hey, why are sleeping?”
Wake up to a boob grab

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  1. life of a Mom, I totally get this… 😉

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