Unintended friendship

I sip my coffee and bite my lip
hoping to hear from her
to talk a bit
It’s easy to write and think out loud
in a din of people
in a roaring crowd
but when all is silent
in a hushed room
the smallest voice becomes a boom
I’m ready to listen and hear your story
said the girl
with her own inventory
of baggage and heartache
and lots of unrest
I am interested
in this unintended friendship
We are all tied to our hearts
that we’ve ignored for so long
forgot what it was like
to sing our own song
I hear it now
under all the noise
making it’s way to me
it’s ready and poised
I know who I am
and I know what I need
It’s to hear my own voice
to sing and be free
My friends, sing loud
sing clear
it’s your voices I want to hear
I want to know you words
You will finally be heard
We are all on the same boat
on the same trip
let’s figure it out
our unintended friendship

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