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So, Two Caged Birds tagged me in a Q&A game, and since this blog is solely ego based, of course you need to know these things! lol.

The rules are as follows:

1.  You must post the rules.

2.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

3.  Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

4.  Tag (they say eleven) people with a link to your post.

5.  Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Here are the questions she came up with and my answers.  Oh my goodness this was hard!

1.  Who was your first crush, and what was so special about him/her?

My first crush was a boy named Tony. But really it was love, but he was more like a brother than anything. I felt like I found that person who knew me. We were in 4th grade through 5th I think and then he moved. He moved back later during high school and my heart soared. My brother was back! And to this day, he is very sincerely like my big brother.

2.  What “guilty pleasure” do you have?  I want the one you’d be embarrassed to admit to your friends.

I watch Toddlers and Tiara’s. I don’t know. Maybe it just makes me feel better that there are definitely worse moms out there than me. It’s like watching a car wreck. You know you don’t want to and you really shouldn’t gawk but you end up mouth agape anyway…

3.  What is one thing you suck at that you wish you could do perfectly?

Manage time. I am constantly late. I have no sense of time or when to stop because I cannot tell how long things are taking me. I wish I could follow a schedule and be on time (Most of the time…)

4.  Who is your hero?
My mom. I know, that’s the pageant answer, but she really is. She really was my rock through high school when I was teased and had no where else to go. She always listened to me. I always had a lot to say. She also decided to end her marriage to find herself. I think that takes more courage than staying in something that you know isn’t working.
I also think Gandhi and Mother Theresa are the most amazing people and I wish my heart was filled with just half the love and peace that they had in theirs.

5.  What is one unexpected thing you find sexy about another person?

Their laugh. I love people who laugh out loud and without reservation. It makes them vulnerable while also showing their honesty and sense of humor.

6.  If you were stuck watching 3 movies for the rest of your life, what would they be? Princess Bride….”As you wish…” Who doesn’t LOVE that movie? Titanic, it’s a long ass movie and I’ll only have three, plus Kate Winslet get’s naked in it, sort of. The last would be Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton’s version, because you can never have too much muchness.

7.  What is your favorite book?

It’s been so very long since I’ve read a book that I really enjoyed. I just recently read Dear John, I love Jane. It was pretty eye opening, but not my favorite. I have poetry book that I read from time to time. It’s pages are worn and

8.  Biggest pet peeve? Ignorant people. I cannot stand people who have no interest in opening their mind to things outside their comfort zone. It pains me to see people hold themselves back in such a basic way, weather it be by religion, handed down bigotry, or self restriction because they are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone.
There is this great big world that has so many amazing things, foods to try, places to go and people to meet, that the last thing to be holding yourself back is you.

9.  Chocolate chip-cookies:  nuts or no nuts? No nuts… ha ha ha ha

10.  What was your favorite childhood toy?

My stuffed Silvester that my aunt gave me when I was 4. I still have it. I loved him till his eyes fell off and then I loved him some more.

11.  What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about you? That I like girls… I wish it could just be that easy to come out and go on but I really made a big bed for myself to lie in…Hopefully I can figure out what to do with it and/or how to get out of it without hurting those that I love.

Okay here are my questions for those I’ve tagged and for anyone else who wants to answer!

1. Have you ever been robbed?
2. Do you have a favorite family recipe? Care to share?
3. Do you believe in ghosts?
4. If you had a million dollars to give away only, what would you do with it?
5. Shoes, hats or bags?
6. You’re at a club, are you on the dance floor, or are you people watching?
7. What was the most influential thing someone said to you, and how did it influence you?
8. What’s your favorite color?
9. Sweet, salty or savory?
10. Do you believe in soul mates?
11. What is your favorite feature about yourself?

Ok, angryRicky, Brice M,  400 Days til 40, It’s a big world, Peace LOve Free, Oh blog-dee, Sensi Boutique,  shesamaineiac, themagnificentsomething, and anyone else who’d like to answer!


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  1. Wilhelmina Upton August 11, 2012 — 7:06 am

    I totally forgot that you were tagged by 2cadedbirds as well…so forget my tag…
    Hahaha, no nuts!!! YES!!

  2. Totally love The Princess Bride! One of the best movies ever. And like Wilhelmina, I laughed out loud at the no nuts!!

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