Photographer looking for same-sex military couples

Same Sex Marriage
Same Sex Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t ask don’t tell has been repealed, so an award winning photographer is currently seeking same sex military couples to volunteer to have their portrait taken for her new art project. Her idea is to create a series of about 30 photographic portraits of couples, either in their bedrooms or a location of historical military/activist/personal significance.

Don't ask don't tell reapealed, so photographer looking for same sex miltary couples

Her intention for this project is to help change social perceptions, celebrate diversity in the military and encourage our decision makers to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

I think if she went a step further and took family portraits with same sex parents, it would really bring to light how very normal these families and couples really are. Too many people are afraid of the idea way more than the actual people. I know that bringing human faces to something that is so alien to some people might give them a different perspective. The media portrays alot of gays as these loud, flaming, clubbing, drug taking wild people who are sexual attention seekers. I think if they saw how normal and relate-able they are, it may make a big difference. Who knows. Just a thought.


Please visit her website for more info.

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