Disown your son day, words of love from the Right Wing

I first read this on Queer Landia, but for some reason I had a problem reblogging it. Because it was such a bit of hatred that needs to be called out, I had to post it myself. This woman needs to take a good look at herself and find some love. She obviously suffers from some neglect as a child and tried to make up for it with a loud mouth and skewed intelligence. I truly despise Anne Coulter. She has an opinion on everything yet lacks any social skills to achieve the things she so desperately supports, marriage and having babies. I truly think there’s just an angry lesbian inside her dying to get out.  I think one night with Rachel Maddow and Anne Coulter would be smoking a joint and voting for Barak. There might just be something stuck so far up in her ass that perhaps a bit of lesbian sex might loosen it up.
I’m sorry I’m being so crass, but what she tweeted is beyond the pale. Where is all that Christian ideology she’s head banner bitch for? Where’s the proposed love that this “churchy” chick is supposed embody? All I have to say is Karma is an even bigger bitch than Anne Coulter.

Here’s just a sample of her “sassy” bigoted personality.

Please check out Queer Landia‘s page about her too. Ugh. What a bitch!

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  1. Its amazing how in satans world people first hate someone for being a bitch(or asshole) but then they actually go on to love them(rounds of applause at the end and book sales go up despire the hating(or is it all a show?))?

    It doesnt matter who is the president, it doesnt matter your view or stance. What matters is what the ruling principalities and power decide. Its all power games with the common man being in the dark.

    • I’m not quite following. I don’t really “hate” anyone. Even Anne Coulter. She has a right to say what she says even if it is filled with malice. But I am angry with her, with every fiber of my being. She embodies all the fear, ignorance and intolerance of most every bigot I know. I think she thinks she is just being honest and forthright but doesn’t realize how ignorant she is. How could she possibly know what it’s like to be stigmatized for your sexuality, color or class in society. She’s a rich white girl from Connecticut.
      Please expound…

      • It seems to me that although you may have different areas which you disagree, that you also project(as in Freudian psychology – I am not an advocate of) your own tendency to be bigoted, perhaps in other areas. Yet the nature of a bigot is shared and this is why she makes you so angry.

        There is one point on which I agree with you. That people should strive to have an awareness of issues that they hold firm values on. Sometimes ideas are passed down but it’s often good to know WHY you hold those ideas or values lest it become, as you say, bigoted.

      • I’d like to know what exactly am I a bigot of. I have no hatred or ill judgement on people I have not met. I have a high intolerance for ignorance. I do not hate nor hold any ill will toward people of faith, color or status. Most everyone who knows me, would say I’m one of the most unbiased people they know. While it may be close to true, I am still human, therefor I still have a heart that will speak on behalf of me, in spite of my brain. I don’t know anyone who isn’t completely unbiased in some respect.
        I do not ever wish for bad on Anne Coulter and her kind, on the contrary, I hope she finds love in her heart to accept people for who they are AS GOD MADE THEM. True hatred of someone is a poison I do not wish to drink. Bigotry in any form is just another vessel of that same poison. Drink your own if you wish, I will love you anyway.

      • We have the commandments. I cannot say it is wrong to keep them in a blindsighted way. What I can say is that without a connection to Him who made them, and a sort of realisation of what they are about, the understanding is imperfect. I am not qualified to speak further on them at this time.

      • Yes, if you abide by them, then I understand, but realize they were still written by the imperfect (bias) hand of man. I choose not to listen to men, they start wars. I listen to my heart, cause isn’t that where your God’s love lies? I know it is within me. I don’t want to discuss religion any further on this but just know that I have peace and love in my heart. Judgement is left to someone else, namely, not me.

      • I don’t know what you are a bigot of. I don’t even know that you ARE a bigot. I just tend to presume that in many cases freudian projection happens.

        With regard to scripture I am somewhat confused on sexuality myself. I believe that the Elohim of Abraham is not a bigot, nor a spoilsport. I believe that He wants to speak about sexuality to people. I will not share my views. I want you to speak to Him. Will you speak to Him yourself? You don’t need to answer me.

      • Aren’t we always in a discussion with God? Infer what you will. 😉

        I appreciate your open heart.

  2. Um, my parents are racist. All three of them. My birth parents are from Maryland and my stepmother from Miami, both liberal places, so I feel like they don’t have any excuses.
    At first I thought Coulter was appalling. Then I thought, there’s no way she can be serious. This must be all a joke that she’s playing; she’s thought up the absolute worst possible, furthest right nutcase in existence, and she’s playing that character as if it were her real self. There’s no other way she would come back to a host who makes her look so dogmatic that she can’t hear opposition. I guess she could be in earnest and just be really dumb.
    Please don’t talk about a Disown Your Son Day. My parents don’t need any encouragement.

  3. Love your comments Honey! I was equally appalled when I saw her video. I too am amazed how the so called religious folks speak of love but it seems to be conditional…as long as you think what we think. Oh don’t get me started on this topic. Thanks for the post and getting me all riled up.

  4. I think she says these things to be sensational, get attention, and sell books. To say there has been no racism since the 60’s is insane, truly crazy!

  5. speaking from experience of someone who sits with teens…walks with them in their journey of pain… and contemplates suicide as an out. Any person that promotes hatred/judgement/bitterness towards another soul just because “who they are” or what they “look like”… has truly NO idea of what the essence of community/humanity is. Let alone the Love of God. Thus, my energy is focused on lovin on those sons of ours… and those daughters!!!!! Go honey!!

  6. Yeah… a child being disowned is not something someone should joke about, considering how frequently it occurs. You don’t need to apologize for being crass, frankly, I feel like she should be able to handle much worse with what has come out of her mouth. -_-

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