I see a change a’comin

Change is a word now used as a call to arms. It compels us to move forward and grow, accepting diversity in the wake of adversity. Yet it still scares the bejesus out of most of us. We all have had to face life-disasters at some point, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, becoming uprooted or facing an unforeseen challenge. We are not alone in our struggle with change because we all have had circumstances that overturned our lives. The difference is only in how we handle the change.
Now you can say, “But my life is completely different now.” What I will say is that life will always evolve whether you want it to or not. The Autumn leaves are proof positive that even though things may start looking bleak, the promise of Spring will always be there. That change is the food for the future. Once those leaves fall, they become part of the cycle. The natural revolution of things. So as something in your life points your world in a new direction, know that your experiences will feed your future. What I mean is, that all that you learned up to this point will help guide you through the change, even the change itself will help you.
Case in point, I was car-jacked in my early 20’s. The guy was high and tried to steal my car while I was using a phone booth. (Yeah, I know, that dates me.) It was a scary incident and I got out shaken but unscathed. It made me decide to get my own place in a better area. It was a small turning point that I might not have made, had that not happened. I could have held on to that fear and stayed right where I was, immobilized, but that would not have accomplished anything.

I see parallels in my current life, where I am immobilized by fear and I wonder how long will it be before I thaw out and get on with things. I certainly can’t stay like this forever. Laugh and point at me all you want, but you know you have some things too that you’d like to change but have yet to conquer your own fears. I know shit can get scary, like looming storms and the devastating aftermaths, but then there’s the clean up. Take, for example, the amazing town of Greensburg, Kansas, where they were practically decimated. Instead of giving up, they rebuilt thier town even better than before. It made them an even stronger community with even deeper ties than before.
There are so many things that can go wrong and do, but at the same time, that scale always balances out, we just have to appreciate the bright days as much as we curse the dark nights. We have to learn from our trials and carry the lessons with us. Those that forget that dawn will always break, will get lost in the dark. So whatever change has come your way, embrace it in all it’s beauty or ugliness because with it comes a new day.

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  1. You can do it, Honey! Make the change!

  2. I feel it… Don’t know when…..

  3. Powerful post! Goof for you for recognizing your fear and allowing it to propel you forward though – an inspiration for the rest of us!

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