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My totem is a turtle. I move slow and deliberately. I think about every aspect of anything, which makes me pretty level headed, but it also makes me slow in coming to a conclusion or even having a conclusion. I move with the flow as opposed to against it, trusting my senses to find my way home. I withdraw from the world when things get scary and hide until I feel it’s safe. I do this all in my own time. There is no clock in my world. I couldn’t even acknowledge a finish line because in my world we live forever. There is no limit to my understanding and I am often a guide for others, as I seem to know how to travel these paths with an intuition that few garner over a lifetime. I am a peacemaker and only have room for love. There is no real fight in a turtle only a steadfast resolve and strength that few can crack.

I have always felt a kinship to the turtle, as she is very concise in her movement and each thing she does is deliberate and deeply thought out. I see the way they move and think and I feel so akin to them, that I never pass up a turtle crossing a road. P.S. Be very careful assisting snapping turtles, they are kinda crabby.

I learned about animal totems a long time ago but knew I was a guided by the wisdom of the turtle from an early age. Some believe totems are a link to our ancestors or spirit Guides. Others just follow the nature of that particular animal without the spiritual attachment, for example the strength and cunning characteristics of a Lion or the wit and humor of a monkey. There are also Native American Zodiacs that I just recently learned about. I’m a deer. I was hoping for a turtle, but after reading about the deer, it did also reflect my personality in a lot of ways.

The great thing is, just like having various friends, you can have a few totems that summarize who you are and where you are going. You can take a lot from your totem or just get some amusement out of it. In reading on the Turtle found this:

 Turtles are very long lived unless of course a predator intervenes and have remained unchanged themselves for over 200 million years. Just as one who has lived to be of great age, so too does Turtle carry an immense amount of wisdom. Turtle has watched as thousands of other species and life forms have come and gone, it knows that nothing on this planet will last forever and thus one may as well enjoy what is in the present moment for it may not be here tommorow! Yet there is not a sense of sadness or loss over this, for Turtle lives in the realm of the Creative and knows that for life to continue, all things must change. The only real death in life is stagnation. As one door closes, a new and better one is opening. We may need time to grieve for what has passed and Turtle can teach us how to use that time creatively and well. Even in the midst of death and grief, new life is being born. Turtle may whisper to us how to navigate this new life if we are open to being quiet enough to listen.

It was part of a larger posting on the Explanation of Turtle Medicine. You can read the full story here.

While I am very analytical about almost everything, I love the “take-a-ways” from these. It creates amazing windows of introspection. Something we tend to forget to do. Bloggers are a bit better about that but still…

So I’m sure you either already know exactly what your totem is or you are completely snowballed by the idea of having one. If you need help in finding yours OR you want to know what yours is all about check out: How To Find Your Animal Totem. It will point you in the right direction. I hope in learning about your totem, you learn more about yourself.
I also found a beautiful Cherokee Prayer I’d like to share with you.

PRAYER – Blessing Way O Great One, I come before you in a humble manner,
giving thanks for all living things in Creation.
I offer the clarity of my mind, body, spirit and natural space in prayer to you, O Great One, for the spirit of all Creation.
I offer thanks and what gifts I have to Four Sacred Directions and powers of the universe and I pray:

 To the spirit of fire in the East,
To the spirit of Earth in the South,
To the spirit of Water in the West,
To the Spirit of Wind in the North.

I pray and give thanks to you O Great One.
I pray and give thanks to Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun,
Grandmother Moon, and all of our relations in the Greater Circle of Life.
I thank you for your power, energy, wisdom and sacred gifts, because without you and the guidance of all my relations, I would not be able to live, and love, and grow, and feel and learn.
I ask that I be shown another way if I have ever harmed or hurt other living things.
I pray, offering what gifts I have, that you may guide us, heal us, purify us, and protect us.
I pray for all of our relations that we may exist together in harmony and balance.

“Wah Doh” J.T. and Michael Garrett


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  1. Aww I really like this! Im 19 and love the film Brother Bear which is a lot about totems but I didn’t think they existed. Im quite naive like that. Im hoping I’m a monkey 🙂 I doubt that though because Im not that funny. Thank you 🙂

  2. How did you discover yours was a deer?

    • There is a link on this Post that will bring you to Native American zodiacs. It goes by birthday just like your regular zodiac. On native zodiacs are animals related to North America like the otter the eagle or deer, etc… you could possibly be a monkey in the Chinese zodiac…

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