Real bodies in a junk food world

So, I think what is so confusing for so many people is what exactly they are attracted to? Is it the primped up model, who’s an esthetic candy bar? We devour the image, taking in all those fake parts as if her photo shopped, under nourished body and unusual features were all normal and healthy. She is the high fructose corn syrup composition produced to hook us. The catch is, real bodies, even fit bodies, are not photo shopped in real life. They have scars and birthmarks. They have cellulite and hair and pimples. Those beautiful bodies come in all shades, including splotchy and freckled. There is no perfect body, because the imperfections make us the amazing individuals that we are.

While pictures of hot women and men are tantalizing, they are only half truths. Even untouched pics don’t show the soul of the person on display. They may have us salivating but their hearts are still hidden in those stills. We do not know what angst or love they have hidden within the confines of their minds on that particular day. We get so lost in the visual stimulus of it all that we forget that these people are real humans, who after these photo shoots, go home and fall on to their couches and switch on the tube. Or perhaps struggle with an ailing family member. Or cry at stupid commercials. They are real. Their unusual body shapes are real too, but disproportionately tall and skinny compared to most of us shorties. Even the more fit models work out all day to sculpt their physiques, achieving bodies that are not obtainable to the average Joe worker bee. My point is, that if cellulite and sarcasm were sexy, I’d be the next pin up, but thin is in. While that may not be a horrible thing, we do have to remember as a society that we are still real humans who should not be comparing ourselves to everyone else, or holding all others up to the unobtainable bars, thinking that only Victoria Secret models are sexy and anything less is just ok.

I know that even with all my flaws I have a beautiful heart and I own my sexiness. On occasion I really do get self conscious, I wasn’t born with Stacy Keebler legs, but then again, Stacy can’t draw like I can, and I betchya she probably wishes she could. I confess to looking at these beautiful women and fantasize, but deep down I know that the outer beauty is like a shell holding onto what really matters inside. It may be the cover, giving you a peak on what’s inside, but no article of clothing, no spray on tan, or copious amounts of lean muscle will cover up an ugly heart. But you can’t grasp that in a photo. You can’t feel the sadness from across a room unless you look deeper than what’s on the outside.
While amazing curves and full lips will bring me to my knees, only a soul filled with love and passion could lift me. We all get lost in the junk food of our lives, be it watching tv, spacebooking, or tabloid magazines, but the real deal is, what do you get out of it? I bake a lot, so much so I actually have a cooking blog too. I love the time it takes to bake and the thoughtfulness of each ingredient as it all comes together to create something magnificent. It takes time and preparation. Planting a garden and eating healthy all are things that have deep intrinsic value. There is nothing fake about a seed growing from a well tended garden, and then taking that fruit of your labor and making a dish to feed your family. This is not junk food. This is quality time. Let’s not lose it. Let’s not forget that those fingers that loosen the soil will get dirty and nails will break, knees will get cuts, but all of those percieved flaws make us so very real. These stretch marks tell the story of the birth of my children, this scar is a product of an art accident, the way I walk is from another. All are benchmarks in my life. All are what have sculpted who I am. All of these things make me beautiful.

So when I look at the “perfect ass” or the flawless skin of some model, I remind myself that while they too are human, what I am being fed is a product. I can appreciate the hotness and the smooth belly of some foreign beauty, but understand that this visual junk food is only good in small quantities, because if consumed on a regular basis, my mind will get bloated with judgmental thoughts of what and how I should look and compare the world against those glossy pages of make believe. So I will to tend to my own garden and eat my own produce and it will taste so good. I will bake up my own concoction of sexy and serve it next to those glossy pages and you can tell me which tastes better.

I found a great resource for what real women look like at any size In here, many women share thier photos, weight and stories. It shows how most everyone is shaped without prejudice, unlike the magazines we peruse every day. I love the fact that I see what women REALLY look like. Not some airbrushed model from Belize, who only drinks water and hasn’t eaten anything but grilled chicken and steamed broccoli for the past 6 months.

I hope this opens a window for you, into what women really look like. We are all beautiful.


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  1. Wilhelmina Upton January 23, 2013 — 6:30 pm

    A beautiful person is just so much more than stunning looks, a great rack, toned abs and a nice tan. It’s the way a person carries herself and handles her life. It’s the flaws that make us human and interesting and likable.

    The expression: ‘Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a man that’s tired of sleeping with her’ doesn’t exist without reason.

  2. As I sit here typing this in desperate need of a haircut and color, a pedicure and SLEEP, and after finding out from my doctor’s visit that I gained 8 pounds over the past year, I am trying to remind myself of that very thing. Between work and helping my son with college stuff and working a second job and trying to maintain my house alone, I have put myself last and it shows. Great post and a great reminder that we are not a sum of our parts.

    • I totally understand that. The thing is, when we start giving up on the inside it starts to reflect, but it is not a summation of who you are. You are the perfect you at this very moment. 8 pounds doesn’t define you. I hope you find some tranquility in that busy life of yours.

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