She tasted like candy

f097533022974cee2f0837d322138c5bShe tasted like candy. Her lips were like honey and her skin was like silk. How could I fight off such a beautiful creature? I was on a sugar high. She had talked about her open marriage and I talked about mine. We were in cahoots, so to speak. After the bar closed we had a few drinks and hung out. It was difficult to stay away from each other, our bodies were drawn together like two sides of a corset, pulled tight. She smelled so sweet and her hair kept tickling my nose. I wanted my hands all over her so I could memorize her body. I was caught up in my head for a bit, trying to figure out what to say to my husband, but then my hands would get lost wandering again and my thoughts would soon follow. Her kisses were intoxicating, as if they delivered some sort of spell, leading me further down the rabbit hole. I was captured the minute we touched and would not let her go until the potion wore off.

Time stood still and slipped by so fast. I held on to it as long as I could until we parted. I wanted more. I was already planning another moment stolen together. We fit so nicely. It wasn’t some sort of romantic love, it was pure, unadulterated enjoyment. We had some fantastic understanding that we brought each other a joy that was irreverent and addictive.  We were not complex in our feelings, as one would not have difficulty in understanding why they love chocolate or the taste of melting ice cream on their lips. Deliciousness. Pure and simple. Delightful.

Karma and Murphy both, like to get you when you’re not looking. Her husband was livid. I was now an honorary home-wrecker. Ugh. Really? My stomach tightened. I had to tell  my husband before the word fell upon him in some ugly way. I was frantic, calling friends for insight and help. Honesty won out by a landslide. He had given me permission, after all. I was afraid he was going to take it as her husband did. I was afraid the waves would come crashing down on me now. It was what I was hoping for right? To rock the boat? To stir the proverbial pot. I did it in a big fucking way. Now it was time to fess up.

So I told him. I spilled it. I kept some details out, mostly out of modesty. I felt kinda slutty and wasn’t sure how he’d take it. He practically gave me a high five. He asked many questions, obviously not turned off by my recent endeavor. I was incredibly relieved and half-surprised. He was very reassuring and I felt as if I could make sure it wasn’t going to rattle our relationship, this openess had a real chance at working. Except now I had lost the candy I had grown so fond of. She was now a forbidden fruit. He was unflinching in his acceptance and it made my venture a bittersweet success.

So now here I am, floating along, moving forward, making waves. Who knew that when I started making them, I’d knock someone else’s boat over. I just hope for their sake, that they can right their lives and keep sailing as well. I know that life is full of rough seas, but when it does get scary, having someone to hold on to, makes it so much safer. I had a good handful of close friends and a very supportive husband to see me through safely. I hope that her husband will eventually see that the storm is within him, and that her honesty  sailed her through. She thought that they were on the same page, but apparently not. Honesty may hurt, but it keeps the truth from suffocating. He may not have wanted to hear what she had to say, but at least she stepped up and owned it.

I hate to see it all go down like this, and I probably wouldn’t have done it if I had known her husband was so against it, but do I regret it? I don’t think so. I truly enjoyed every moment of it. It felt so right. I am more excited and now I am in a new stage with my husband, where he does truly get it. I jokingly tell him, he’s the one penis in the way of me being a lesbian. I guess he’s ok with it. So far I am.

Shit. Let’s make some more waves, but this time, can we please keep other husbands back on the shore?

f5068b27  Zach Montoya | Making Waves

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  1. Wowwwww!

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