BFF Fantasy League

I am surprised that of all the fantasy Leagues that are out there, no one has created a Best friend Fantasy League. If you could pick from famous actors, who would you pick to hang out with and why? There can be more than one, it is a League after all.
I would like Ms. Congeniality, Sandra Bullock as a BFF. She would be the one you would tell your secrets to over a coffee at 3 am in some greasy spoon. Both of us would be in ponytails and no makeup, wearing our sweats as we pour our deepest secrets out onto the chipped Formica table. I could totally see her divulging her secret fantasies as I nod and suck down strong creamy coffee.
My adventures would never fall short with Bear Grylls and Gillian Michaels. Between the two of them I would never sit down. Bear would show me how to make a zip line out of a Parachute and some old sneakers while Gillian would yell at me to go faster and flex all my stomach muscles while I’m doing it. I could imagine the two of them quarreling over how to cook the squirrel. It would be a fecking riot.

My pick for an amazing night out would be Neil Patrick Harris. Could you imagine the trouble you would get into? It would probably start out normal enough, hanging out at some funky little Indian restaurant no one has ever heard of in spite of the fact that has amazing food and a live tiger in the back room. He ends up eating the whole spicy curry dish winning us a pic with the pacing creature. Just to be cool, I consent to the picture whilst imagining how the tiger will devour me even though I still smell of the from dinner.
After that he’d HAVE TO show me the best view of the city which happens to be on top of a suspension bridge. Needless to say, it would de finely be the best albeit scariest view by far. Then we’d have to go dancing, VIP, of course. Everyone who’s anyone would be there but NPH wouldn’t care. He insists we invite a few locals and a bum he bummed a cigarette from. We climb into his Eco friendly Hummer and pull in front of a large dark building lit up only on the top floor by what looked to be a spaceship landing inside the loft. We all fall out in line after our toe-headed leader. Ahhhh… Wonder what else he has in store…
Yeah, so those would be my picks. What would yours be?

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  1. An eco-friendly Hummer? Definitely a fantasy… 😉

    • Yes… btw I could totally see you hanging out with Niel Patrick Harris too…

      • I wonder what he’s like in real life. I loved him riding the unicorn in rainbow-land in Harold and Kumar.

      • I find it funny that he plays a straight man now… I could totally see him owning a white horse and riding it down the beach to meet his boyfriend who happens to be parking his little pink car at the beach parking lot! 😉

      • Because you planted this in my head, I dreamed this weekend that I met him. He introduced himself as Harris, and I said, “Yeah, Enn Pee Aitch. Nn-fffff.” He laughed in an Oh-my-God-get-me-away-from-this-freak sort of a way and left. It’s nice to know that I’m not any smoother when I’m asleep.

      • That is freaking hilarious! I could imagine that he’s riding a unicorn a d shimmers of gold as you approach… No worries though, Im never smooth or cool in my dreams either. Usually I will find myself on the cusp of some deviant sexcapade with a beautiful woman in a dream only to stop myself short because I’m married! Hello! It’s a dream! Next time, take him and kiss him! What’s he gonna do? He’s gonna kiss you back cause its YOUR DREAM DAMMIT! Lol.

      • The dream ended with the thought process, “Oh my God, I’m meeting Neil Patrick Harris! No you’re not, you’re dreaming you’re meeting Neil Patrick Harris. Oh shit, I’m awake.”

  2. If I got to pick a fantasy BFF, I think I’d go with Emma Stone.

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