Ok so I messed around with your wife… She was under the impression it was gonna be ok. I thought you were cool with it too. I might not have done that had I known you would have gotten all bent out of shape and basically told anyone who would listen that I was such a bad influence. Buddy, you have no idea…
I am a bad influence… I am a free thinker and I am proud to be who I am. Yes, I went for it… And I’ll probably go for it again but not with her. Be scared because I don’t hide from what I am anymore. You can cut me down in front of people but when they meet me or if they know me, my character will answer any questions more than your petty words will.
I know you must have been hurt and for whatever reason you were not able to be as honest about what you want with her but at the same time, recognize who your wife is. Accept her. Help her. Don’t blame the world at large for your issues, claim responsibility for your part as she does for hers.
She liked it. How do I know? Because we were there for quite some time and it was hot.

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  1. Thank you lady! Haven’t been on in a while to respond but I will next week!

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