Registering a kindle should be easy

So for Christmas last year we bought my daughter a Kindle for Christmas. She is a bit young but she’s a big reader so it seemed fitting. What I hadn’t accounted for was that one must register your Kindle onto Amazon. So stupidly I did it under my name. In a flash all my erotic lesbian book covers fan the face of the tablet. My cheeks redden and I feverishly try to figure out how to get the history of my sexual appetite off of my 8 year old’s toy.
Scarier still was that I was sure any moment my husband was going to ask to see said instrument of terror and I’d have to hand over and fess up to my deviant library now displayed on her tablet. Fortunately the gifts I had given him afforded me some time and finally got the thing deregistered and reregistered under her own account, clean and free from mommy’s “dirty secrets.”
So, just recently I had to go through this again, as her kindle had been a bit mistreated and needed a reboot. Again I registered it under my name and yet again my cheeks reddened as the mildly pornographic covered fanned the tablet. This time, however, she was patiently waiting elsewhere and daddy was not returning home till much later. It made me nervous at first but then I slowly made my way through the device till I figured out the same process to change it once again, crisis diverted.
It’s funny how secrets, even ones that are no longer really much of a secret, still can make you jumpy. I am so grateful that I have been so open with my husband. He knows my desires and seems to understand it relatively well. But the great thing is, is that the honesty makes it so much easier and you are not nearly as jumpy. Next time though, I am gonna have to get my own kindle. I bet those pics are much nicer on the large screen than they are on my phone!

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  1. Hello, just found your site and read every post! It is amazing! How can I contact you?

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