There she sits.. That beautiful creature who awakened my body. We talked for hours, feeling the same buzz we had before run between us. It was like electricity. Her eyes flickered as we reminisced and then as we planned a future as bartenders together again. It was as if we never parted ways. Her husband was cool but as we warmed his demeanor stiffened. By the end if the night I could see the fire in her eyes and the ice in his. It was no longer my battle, so I didn’t care. My hips ached once again but my resolve held me. I lusted for her but I didn’t need to have her as I once did. She even taunted her husband by grinding me from behind. I played it cool, as his annoyance furthered. As much as I wanted her I knew she was no longer an option and I was just a toy. So then she became one as well. We pawed at each other wishing it was more but understanding the ” rules ” we stayed away from anything more.
I missed her. I missed our play time. I wished for one more round so I could really make her shiver… If “ifs and buts were candy and nuts…”
I would get to make her quiver… Oh well. My dreams will be filled with her lovely naked body wrapped around mine once again.

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Self Discovery, sex talk

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