The L Word

I just have to say I’m addicted to “The L Word.” It’s consuming me in so many ways. I want to dive into their world and hang out with them in spite of the fact that they are all way too skinny. I am only in season one on Netflix but I am already crushing on the Tennis pro because she’s so awkward yet hot, Shane because she’s so damn confident and I’m loving the aggressiveness and sexy accent of the coffee shop owner, Marina. These are all people I relate to.
I also relate to the sad Jenny for her deep desire to be with women. Her love for Tim made her so torn and I truly understand that to a depth of which most don’t comprehend unless you are in a similar situation. I don’t relate to her “who ever will take me in” approach. If I decided to be with someone, I would be with them. I wouldn’t wobble between two people. I never have.
I know, I know, everyone in the world is by now, watching season 5 or 6 by now. I’m still on season 1. I was afraid to watch it before and then get called out on it. And then I did get called out on it. He asked me if I was jumping the fence cause I started watching that show. I told him again that I’m more on the side of lesbian than just bi, and he was the only guy I’d ever want again. (Not in a splitting up sort of way.) I told him I like women and if we ever did split up that’s where I’d go next. He asked me more questions, like if i had other women. Damn he’s intuitive! I couldn’t say. I didn’t want to open that can of worms. Holy shit.
There was a scene where Tim and Jennie are making love and he looks at her and asks “Where did you go just then?” As her eyes had wandered lost in thought. I too have laid there, usually in some other place in my head instead of being present. Sometimes fantasizing, other times just thinking about crap that needs to get done, and then most of the time, I’m wishing for a new friend to play with. Then you snap back into that intimate moment and feel a dull pain as you realize you left them there alone. He didn’t know it, but for that time, however long it was, you were gone. That’s when it’s the most real to me. That’s when I know I really like women, when I come back from that place in my head. He never knew I left, but I have been gone a lot. Sometimes those moments drift into my days. Watching that show is like a being “gone” too. I can see that life and I want to touch it and feel it in my hands. It’s a window into a world that I might love to live. Hopefully my world would some more normal looking people, not so damn skinny with bodies like scrawny teenage boys. In my world they would be delicious pinup thick women. You know. Curvy in all the right places. Some top heavy, some not. Some with hips and thick legs and some with petite little frames. They would certainly not all be waifs likely to be blown away in a swift gust of wind. I would love to live in that world. I wouldn’t mind having my husband be a part of it too, playing the roll of best friend and confidant. I could find him beautiful straight chicks while I would have a nice cottage with a girlfriend from time to time.
And then I snap back into reality. I’m back into this world where I look up into my lovers face as he looks down and asks “where’d you go just then?”
At least I have The L Word for now…

Here’s a great site with all the notes you ever needed on the L Word:
The L word explained


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  1. Enjoy Jenny as long as you can, by the end, I was so fed up with her. But the show in general is sometimes just so much ridiculous drama, it’s hard to take. Don’t get me wrong, I liked watching it but sometimes it was just lost and lost of meh.

    Marina is so hot though, with her accent and all… I never got the Shane love, everywhere I looked on the internet, Shane Shane Shane…she was nice but never my style. My favourite is Alice.

    • I’m getting that vibe already from Jennie. I just empathized with her mainly. I can see how the show is very Hollywood. All the women are ridiculously skinny. I’m guessing it will end up like Grey’s Anatomy did for me. I stopped watching because it turned into a soap opera with far too much sex and much less substance. But for now it’s a cheap thrill.
      Have you seen Orange is the new black? That was pretty good but I really couldn’t stand the main character for the longest time. At least the women look like a real representation of women on that show.

      • I stopped watching Grey’s a couple of years ago for that reason. Too much sex and stupid decisions.

        I loved OitNB, it was such a good first season. I get why you didn’t like the main character, I mainly started watching the show for the actress though because I’ve seen her on Mercy and have had a crush on her ever since, so I’m willing to forgive a lot of stupidity. She is annoying though.

  2. I love the L Word! I’m surprised you haven’t seen it before now – it’s been over for several years. I had a huge crush on Dana too (the tennis player), but by the end, Bette or Tina were doing it for me. I hope you enjoy it! There is one season that was really bad, I can’t remember which it was…4 I think. The 6th season was pretty awful too, but you take what you can get!

    As for OITNB – that is my favorite show! I love Piper – she is my little crush now, but I can see why she wouldn’t be for everyone.

    You should check out Lip Service on Netflix too – it’s like the L word in Scotland. Hot ladies and hot accents! You can’t lose! 🙂

    Hope you enjoy 🙂

  3. The L Word is my #1, all-time favorite show! I definitely have always had a thing for Bette. I was very sad when it ended 😦 And I agree with WillieSun… Jenny gets pretty annoying.

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