Oh discovery
What you do to me
Apathetic pill
Swallowed hastily
Chaste makes haste
Quickly hiding
All this writhing
In my waist
Turn me over now
See what hides beneath
This rock
This soft billowing sheet
Changing gears
Ever quicker now
I fantasize
From my lovers eyes
To hidden nights
My gaze above the stars
Erotic beating hearts
Blazing all apart
Even through the tears
I’m shifting gears
Running far
and still I’m here
A faceless soul
In plain sight
Amid the masses
Yet still I hide
There’s no glory
In loving me
half here and half
Set free

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  1. Please forgive the private message as a comment but I couldn’t find a way to contact you on the blog. I have personally gone through this difficult and scary (but exciting) process and I now support women who are married to men and questioning their sexuality, through coaching. I would be grateful if you would share my information on your “getting started” page. Your readers can find my website at Thank you. Kathy

    • I think that what you do is great. I will add your site but only with a disclaimer that I haven’t personally used your services. I’m happy that you might be able to help those who are in our shoes. It’s an odd place to be and figure out where to go from here. You can reach me by email at for anything else.

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