My big gay bucket list

So I think I have come up with a big gay bucket list of shit I must do:

1. Go see lady Gaga, melissa Etheridge or Tegan and Sara in concert
2. Discuss equal rights on a daily basis with right wingers
3. Actually get into a sport and look all strong and hot doing it.
4. Vacation in P-town or San Fran
5. Become a full time artist ( not sure how that qualifies as gay, but it would make me happy.)
6. Come out to my mom
7. Stop perusing Craigslist ads, even though they are fucking entertaining and the boob shots can be pretty nice. Lol
8. Meet Ellen
9. Party on a PRIDE parade float
10. Find an actual fucking girlfriend

That last ones kinda important… Just sayin

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  1. I’ve seen Tegan and Sara three times now and been lucky enough to meet them each time. They’re as wonderful and cute and funny in real life as you’d imagine and I’d say everyone should go and see them at least one because they’re completely amazing.

  2. Tegan and Sara are rad. My friend saw them a few months ago in Berkeley when they opened for Fun. If you ever come out to California I’ll show you around San Francisco and the Bay Area since that’s where I’m from. What’s P-Town? Philadelphia?

  3. leopardprintgirl85 December 27, 2013 — 2:27 pm

    Love gaga and Ellen girl after my own heart x

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