Queer Art

I love art, all kinds of art, but mostly realism and impressionism. Abstract is ok, but I think way too many people call themselves artists when their art takes 5 minutes to construct and looks a hot mess. Then again, I’m not gonna strip them of their need to be artists, so I nod and push them to pursue their dream.
So I was on Pinterest and looked up lesbian art…. hmmmm… it was yummy. What amazing art. Very inspiring. I’m going to label as much of the artwork as I can with the artist and name if possible. If it isn’t labeled and you know who the artist is, please contact me. I want to make sure all of them get the credit and link back to their website if possible.If I was able to find the artists site, I have linked their artwork back to the artists original site just in case you are interested in purchasing some of their art. I’m loving Annie Veitch’s paintings…

Annie Veitch "White 4"
Annie Veitch “White 4”

Artist Links (In no particular order…yet)

AnnieVeitch White 4
Alex Russell Flint: Olivia Sitting
Audrey Niffenegger
Sadie Lee
Tee Corinne
Matt Wisniewski
Pierre Mornet
Lazy summer by Hope Gangloff
Grégoire Guillemin – “Secret Hero Life!”
Egon Schiele lesbian
 Heather Shirin– Will You Still Love Me?
Ricardo celma
Karin Miller- Fairest Cape

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  1. I like Annie V’s also. Beautiful!

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