Bookish (Short story) Part 1

She was engrossed in a book with her black framed glasses peculiarly perched on her pointed nose. Her gaze was intense as if she was engraving each word both into the pages and into her memory. She bit her bottom lip as she leaned back to take in whatever morsel the author was apparently dishing out. Her black ruffled skirt slid back a bit as gravity pulled it away to reveal her creamy outer thigh. Her knee pushed deeper into the table and then her foot, rocking her further back, again showing a bit higher up her thigh. My mind told my eyes to avert yet my gaze held mentally pushing the skirt even higher still.
She caught me and held my eyes, firmly holding her book as one would hold a lovers hand. My face flushed as I finally looked at her coffee cup gesturing if she wanted more because I could not summon words upon my lips. Her chest slightly raised in a long breath as if she were coming up for air. “Yes, please.” She responded softly looking back to her book. Her body shifted and the skirt fell hiding all but her small knees.
I leaned forward and picked her cup from the table. I inhaled her rosemary and lavender scented perfume as my body brushed hers. My body tensed and warmed at the touch. This couldn’t be happening. She was jut sitting there with no reaction while my body started to burn uncomfortably with desire. I could feel a touch of sweat trickle down my neck as I filled her cup. Her small hand touched mine and she looked again into my eyes. I was struck by how clear they were. They were dark but somehow lit from within. Her face was angular with high cheekbones half telling of her heritage. When she looked up she swept away her dark wavy hair to one side, wafting her perfume again. I wanted to run and hide but at the same time I wanted so badly to kiss her. She must have felt it. How could she not?
“Meet me later,” she said and handed me a card. Her eyes intensified, holding mine as my hand levitated and reached for the card.
“Ugh, ok, ” I replied. Like some dumb teenager or something. All cool moves were washed away the moment she zeroed in on me. My thighs were burning as if I had just finished 300 squats. My knees were shaking.
I walked away hoping she did pay attention to my jello legs or the fact that I was in a stupor. I attempted to be cool from behind yet my body was proving that impossible.
We met up the next day at a bookstore of all places. She confessed that it was one of her favorite places to hide an bury herself into other worlds. We strolled silently through the magazine section, thumbing through pages and swapping articles. She had a passion for decorating and gardening and had a passion for her. I tried to find every article I could that would interest or amuse her. I was coaxing one one the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen and it was like helping to make and watch the sun rise. Her quiet glow filled the room. We wandered into the back with gardening books. We both went for the same book at the same time. Electricity burned through me and I saw that coursed through her at our touch.
I couldn’t help it, I grabbed her and pushed her up against the shelf kissing her as if I were drawing my last breaths from her. She wrapped her arms tightly around my waist and pulled herself in, as if trying to get on the other side of me. Our lips pulled back tracing in sync, softly exploring the breath and taste. It was as if I could not feel the world around me. There was no noise, just her scent, her lips and her warm body pressed against mine. And then a shit load of books hit the floor. We woke from our kiss and fell to the floor in hurried fashion giggling like teenagers. She had caught my eye and held it as the laughter subsided. It was on. I knew then we would be going back to her place….

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