The naked truth

Her eyes devoured me in one glance. She knew she was going to get me from the moment she met me.
She oozed sexuality
Like a perfume
That smelled of diamonds and lust
Her eyes consumed me, erecting my thoughts in only one direction, hers.
My skin raised and flushed as if her fever had already ignighted my soul. I was intoxicated. From the hips and down I go. I was quivering as she lead me on and on and on. I was gone before we started. Before our lips ever parted. My heart was telling me no, no, no this is so wrong yet here I go go go on my hands and knees begging for more please. I couldn’t have known could I? Should I? How right it was? How ignighted I was? My hips on fire and passion exploding, eroding fears of who I was. Who will become as I became undone. We were one and one again flaming fires and burning embers into the night. She had me before I knew I was taken. I was shaken cause she knew me more than I knew myself. I trembled and shook shaking my mystery of what was me, off of me. Get this history off of me! Gracefully she stole my veil and blew my cover, my lover and I never knew I had such things underneath. She stripped me naked down to my soul and ate me whole. I came out but a seed of what once was me. I did not love my lover but loved what she did. She undid me so completely like a loosened corset pulling away restrictions that once bound my breath too close to my soul, forced never to let go. Until this. The kisses undone and parting lips, pressed my soul to give in. I breathed for the first time. Like big gulps of air as if I had come up from fathoms under the sea. You see I held myself down so long I thought drowning was what I was supposed to do to. Compressed, I never knew how good it felt to come to the surface above of the waves of worry and wonder. She devoured me with her eyes at the bottom of my self doubt and delivered me to the surface where she coaxed me out. She coaxed me out. Out into the air of reality of who I see looking back at me. I could no longer breathe in the self loathing chamber I constructed out of social structure and fittings of trying to fit in. I could no longer be constrained by self ordained hypocrisy. Her curves fit me like a new suit that no longer pulled at my lungs from speaking the truth. Dare I find another lover I’d be undone anew but I miss the fit and feel of someone that real, and hope to have it soon.


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