A new friend

She is flirting with me and I can feel it tickle my soul. I’m not one for falling for people or looking for “friend” who will one day be my soulmate. This woman is my muse I think. Her half cocked smile and overt flirtation is screwing with my senses. Usually I am very centered but right now I am picturing moments with her like snapshots to savour. I fight the sexual side of myself, holding back a bit because my fear of devouring her will leave me nothing in the end.
I don’t want her to feel as if she were an object because she is a beam of radiant light that shines with ferocity and to ignore her beauty within is to only snuff a candle before you see what light it brings. She doesn’t even know her own beauty yet she wears it with such grace. I think I was brought to her to show her what I see and she is to show me what I have hidden
within myself.
There are no rules right now. We are good friends who talk deeply and share ourselves with each other. Our secrets held out like gems and tarnished antiques as the other treasures each one and keeps it just as safe. She is safe. She needs someone who is safe too.

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