An homage to curvy women

I was talking to a friend the other day about the difference between what lesbians want and what society seems to deem as beautiful. I have to say I am very lucky that my husband is always complementing me on my figure and how sexy I am. I was always brought up thinking I was too big. Not so much because my parents made me feel fat, but rather my mom was always in a constant battle to lose weight. My father made her feel insecure in her beauty and physique. She was curvy, like me. Like the girls in the pictures. She was/ is beautiful, but she struggled to accept herself, as I do now. It’s difficult to accept yourself when society makes you feel inferior for being a size 12. When my friend said that it was a perfect size, I about died. My husband and a few other men I know also find curvier girls the most attractive. Lesbians as well are pretty set on the curvy girls, so I’ve been told. I know I appreciate a woman’s body, but if she’s got curves, all the better.

I don’t want to call curvy women, “real” women, because that is an assault to all women, no matter their size. We are all REAL women, it’s just the bigger the girl, the more she is overlooked and shunned. It’s a tragedy that women feel the need to fit in or are cajoled to under eat to be the “perfect size.” I understand the desire to be skinny, it’s always lit within me, but at some point we have to love ourselves for who we are. Exactly who we are. Not who we are going to be, who we might be or who we once were. I told a friend of mine once,”Look in the mirror. Say only what you would say to your friend. Use love in your criticism and love her as she is. That is what you would do for a friend, you must also do this for yourself.”

So today’s post is a tribute to women who are more the average in physique than the models we normally see in the “hottie” line up. This is not to say skinny girls aren’t hot too, or that there aren’t some sexy BBWs out there either. This is just my way to pay homage to women like myself. To say that we are beautiful, sexy and deserve to be in the spotlight just as much as the 7 foot tall waif.

Ummm, I think I’m gonna be visiting Italian Vogue’s Curvy page a bit more often… Just sayin….

Vogue Curvy Edition (Believe it or not!)


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  1. This was LOVELY!!! Just like you 😉

  2. Yeah, I think it really does make a difference having a healthy mother with good self-esteem and body image (i.e. no diets or unhealthy fixations with weight/appearance) and a father who respects the woman’s body. I think it can serve as a protective factor against every shitty belief society shoves down our throats about not being ______ enough. Biologically we come in all different [healthy] sizes. That’s just the way it is. We should never have to waste a moment of our lives doubting ourselves because of that. We should never be expected by anyone to waste our lives trying to change that. And if we do, we lose way too much of ourselves and our quality of life..

    Awesome post. I especially like the first image!

    • … I mean, apart from what you’ve written.

      • Thank you. I try my best to be sure to set a good example of my girls. That is truly the only way. I always worry that I’m not doing it right, but in the end, they have no fear of being “fat.” Actually my littlest said she wanted to have a big belly like her teacher because she loved her so much. I told her she was perfect and didn’t need a big belly or a small belly, her belly was just right.

  3. Fantastic. Bookmarking Vogue Curvy…

  4. sexnmakeupdiaries October 12, 2012 — 7:51 pm

    I don’t remember ever being attracted to a skinny girl… Ever! Then again, I live within 100 miles from Venice, Italy, so maybe there’s a certain cultural factor to it. I had a short post on weight and feeling sexy, a while back:
    Love, love your blog!

  5. The only thing wrong with Adele’s looks is that cigarette she’s holding. The only thing wrong with you is fear that you aren’t attractive (in multiple ways, I think). Women are gorgeous if they are sweet and caring. Figure you for a gorgeous woman.

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